This will be a long post about my surgery at Saint Vincent’s Hospital. I woke up 6 a.m. all sweaty and nervous to go to open my throat and remove my tiny poisonous thyroids. We arrived there about one hour earlier because that’s Amanda’s way of doing stuff, but that’s ok because the admission office opened early. There I received a bracelet and was sent to the admission LOUNGE which is a LOUNGE that you can stay with your significant other all the time in a fluffy couch while they do all sorts of tests to check if you’re good to go to the butchery (they even did a pregnancy test!!!). After a couple of tests and questions, they put me in one of those sexy night dresses that leave your bum refreshed and so we went for the place where the fearsome surgery would happen, and this was around 10 o’ clock. They took off my slippers, gave me a nice cap and left me on a bed on a large room with other people, where nurses and the anesthetist came to tell me how everything would happen. Then they took me to a preparation room where they called two students to make small chat to me and assure I was calm and happy. Then they started injecting something in my vein and I was told I’d feel something weird. The world started tingling and… I woke up ?? hours later (my boyfriend says 12 they called him to say that I was in the recovery ward) with a woman asking my name and date of birth, speaking like Donald Duck and feeling no pain at all. At first, it looked like I died cause this room was beautiful and bathed by sunlight and yellow and calm and full of people like me, laying in beds looking confused and I guess that’s how you’d look like if you died and went to heaven). Then they left me there for god knows how much time ‘cause MAN, I’M HIGH AS KITE and talking bullshit/falling asleep every 5 minutes.
Time for a ride through the hospital to my room and beyond. Now let’s take a minute to talk about my hospital room, that is at least twice (I’d dare say three times) bigger than my actual room. I have A VIEW. From which I can see Aviva Stadium and the Spire. I have plugs, tables to use my computer and even an indoor bike and weights (why? WHY??). Oh yeah, I have a television that has internet and games in it in case one of the 20 channels are not enough to entertain me.
My stuff wasn’t there and I was starting to get super worried ‘cause I really wanted to tell people that I am alive and breathing.. But they told me they were coming, and they were being brought by whom? My significant other . And seeing him is the happiest moment of this ‘not-as-bad-as-I-thought-it-would-be’ day. It just looks like this hospital throws whatever you desire in your direction.
Despite the visiting hours, the nurses allowed him to stay as much as he wanted with me, taking care and laughing at the fact that my bum was out every time I’d need help to go to the bathroom.
During the afternoon nurses came to check me at least every 15 minutes asking if I needed anything. I ate jelly and yogurt and toast and tea, and they actually asked me what I wanted CAUSE YOU HAVE FUCKING OPTIONS MAN! And later I had cod and peas and mash with apple tart and ice cream for dessert. Afternoon was nice, I slept, drank tons of water and watched series while my baby was taking the best care of myself. Still free of pain and still talking like Darth Vader though. Now seriously, I was expecting to feel cold. I was expecting a shitty food. Saint Vincent’s is an amazing place with the most caring loving staff I’ve ever seen.